How to make a Little Wooden House Wonky at the sodalimon Studio

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How to Create an Awesome Little Mushroom House from Wood DIY

Learn how to make a cute wonky mushroom house out of wood at the sodalimon art studio. See more of our videos on our channel for DIY craft projects and woodworking fun. To see more of our work visit our Instagram page here.. See our Website here.. First we came up with a design for the mushroom house and drew it onto our piece of wood. The wood we used was about 2cm thick pine wood and the size was roughly 9x18cm. You can use almost any wood though, as long as it's not too thick to cut, or too thin for the mushroom home to stand up. Next, cut it with a saw as accurately as possible. If you don't have an electric powered saw you can cut it by hand, it'll just take a little longer. It should have a thin blade though to get around the curves and corners. You'll need to smooth out the edges. So some sanding paper or a sander is required. Then start painting your design after you have sanded the wood carefully. We use acrylic paints as they're water based, easy to use and hard wearing. We also use some acrylic pens for finishing touches. Then voila! You have your own cute little wonky mushroom house to decorate your home or give it away as a great handmade gift. Thanks for watching our little wood art DIY tutorial. Please consider liking this video and following us for more wood tutorials, power tool how to videos, and general art and craft fun in the future. Some areas we plan to focus on in the near future include.. How to make custom gifts. Making wooden crafts. DIY Art House tutorials. How to use tools for woodworking. and much more. Thank you Please consider liking this video, subscribing to our channel, and sharing our videos with your friends. soda limon in Istanbul, Turkey

What's Inside of the White House?

The White House is full of lots of interesting rooms. A lot of people don't realize that this information is public! Please join me as we take a walk through the different rooms and what they are used for. Special thanks to my patrons for their support: -Karen King -Soheb Japanwala Visit my patreon page to see what I'm working on next! Help me translate this video into your language: Sources: Music: "Foundation" by Vibe Tracks (youtube audio library) Made with Blender 2.79 (cycles render) #whitehouse #architecture #b3d

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Building secret underground swimming pool's house by digging cliff Have great to hear this new from us "Brave Wilderness Life" This video want to show you how live the real wilderness life to lives for and builds the old ancient. All my videos, we will include the technique & Technology to build different kind of houses and any things ales. Furthermore, we will show you about how to survive into the forest and how to use some primitive tools as well as. Finally, we would like to thank you so much for always to support us. Your support is our motivation! Please help us like, share, comment, good idea and subscribe Wish you all the best blessing. Best regards... Brave Wilderness Life

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Here's how we make our wonky houses at the sodalimon studio in Istanbul, Turkey.

We design it, cut the wood, sand it, then paint it. Make your own little wooden house or buy one of our little beauties from us ;-)

Or you could just sit back and watch us make things if you like to view satisfying videos on Youtube. Grab a coffee and watch us draw, cut, saw, sand and paint our little wooden wonky house.

To see more of our woodwork, crafts, art and design visit our Instagram page here..

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