how to embed curtain wall in basic wall in revit ?

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how to model in place a marble fountain in revit ?

how to use revolve order in revit to draw a classic furniture system (fountain )

#21 - Autodesk Revit - Creating and Editing a Storefront Curtain Wall - Brooke Godfrey

This is a series of tutorials in Autodesk Revit, covering the basic tools and workflow to create a successful project beginning to end. © Brooke Godfrey 2014

Multiuser central models in Autodesk Revit

Central models is one of Autodesk Revit's most interesting features for working in a multiuser environment. With a central model, several users can work at the same time on the same project, and view each other's changes in real time. All the functionality comes built into Revit, in this video we'll explain how to set up and use a central model. Don't forget to like our channel and Facebook page:

9)Adding levels (REVIT 2017)


Easy Revit (2011) - 25.3 - 6 Methods For Modifying Wall Joins

Walk through of an entire project step by step. This video: 6 Differet methods for cleaning up walls and how they join together.

embedding curtain wall in a basic wall and by edit profile both walls and drawing the editing curtain wall grids and mullions

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