Deltarune OST - Game Over

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DELTARUNE - Scarlet Forest (Extended)

This track plays while you wander in the forest. Play the game yourself:

OneShot OST - Niko And The World Machine

Title: Niko And The World Machine Game: "OneShot" by Mathew Velasquez and NightMargin. I do not own any music or characters in this video. All credit to original owners of the material. Official Website:

THE WORLD REVOLVING (Jevil's Theme) - Deltarune (Extended)

I can do anything! This loop was created using the raw joker.ogg file from the game, then repeated. If there is any discrepancy between this and the in game version, let me know, but I am pretty sure this is accurate to the in game theme. ALL CREDIT TO TOBY FOX AND THE DELTARUNE TEAM

Determination - Instrumental Mix (Undertale)

Stay determined... Composition by toby fox Music by Vetrom Souls, my first undertale album is out!! iTunes: Tidal: Spotify: CDBaby: Instrumental Mix of Determination and Finale (With some of the other souls) from Undertale soundtrack. This was a really awesome experience, thank you for stay in here and listen to what I wanted to create, thank you so much! My Patreon: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook:

Deltarune OST - Vs. Lancer (Lancer Fight) [Undertale Series]

DELTARUNE Official Soundtrack. Undertale Series by Toby Fox. #Undertale #Deltarune If you like it, Subscribe to my channel for more soundtracks! BUY THE DELTARUNE OST Please, buy the Deltarune Soundtrack on Bandcamp and support Toby Fox. He deserves everything for giving us an experience that comes from his soul.

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